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These frames come with a mount & a choice of ivory & white are available. Please choose before adding to cart.


Please match the frame size to the size of print needed.

If prints / frames slightly  differ in size we will match up when printing, unless we feel the image of the print is lost in anyway, in which case we will contact you to discuss.

Standard Frame with Mount

  • Product Description

    All our picture frames come with a shatter-proof, Perspex/styrene sheet instead of glass. 

    Our Perspex/styrene is an excellent replacement for glass, ideal for use within children's rooms, play areas, offices, clubs, restaurants and cafes. The perspex/styrene sheet has very high clarity with very little difference in appearance from glass once hanging on the wall.

    The Perspex/styrene sheet comes with a protective film on both sides to protect from scratches and damage during the manufacturing process.

    Perspex/styrene is effectively indistinguishable from glass.

    The frame itself:


    Width of the moulding:  30mm

    Depth of the moulding: 15mm

    Moulding Rebate: 8mm

    Frame Material: MDF

    All frames are manafactured in the UK.

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